IoT ZH Showcase at Maker Faire Rome 2015

Internet of Things Zürich

IoT Zürich Meetup, @iotzh on Twitter, represented at Maker Faire Rome 2015 by @dr_m_kroll and @tamberg.

OSCOLA Piegata Connected Lamp

Design files on Thingiverse, Code on Github.

BlueKitchen BLE shield for Arduino Mega

Bluetooth 4.0 open source hardware by BlueKitchen and MiKro-Labs.

Smart Crutches

Details on

DIY 3D Tilt Sensor (talking to OSCOLA)

Design files on Thingiverse, pictures and video on Flickr, assembly instructions on Instructables.

Uno Top (a little bit of luxury for your Arduino)

Design files on Thingiverse.

Picture This - IoT Art? (not on display)

Details on